Tony (9 Sep 2011)
""RE: Robert Belanger (7 Sep 2011) "Re: Tony"""

Thank you Lynn for your additional support.
Now it is time for me to encourage others with what I believe the Lord has revealed to me today, via "the still quiet voice" heard when we get quiet with Him.
I told Karen, my wife, that she is no longer to be burdened with being responsible for my happiness.
That is between God and me first.
It is not her responsibility to ensure my happiness.
I must be right with God and His plan, only as His servant first.
She has enough to deal with in seeking out her own happiness.
Essentially, it comes down to not hiding my light under a bushel.
Meaning, every moment I have with Karen, during our busy days, is precious.
Thus, I must treat it as such.
All positive when around her.
Not mushy and dripping and smothering.
Letting the Lord lead me in my behavior and spoken words passing my lips as his witness.
Even when she is not in the best of moods.
And, to that end. I am purchasing tomorrow, a self-reminder.
A tiny evergreen tree, to be placed atop our coffee table.
No explanation to be given to Karen.
We all know that a plant or tree thrives when well cared for and, even spoken to nicely.
This tree will serve that purpose, of nurturing Karen.
As I've said in my previous letter, she has stated "I'm not in love with you any longer".
Well, there have been many indications to the contrary, especially since receiving the prayers from Robert, Matthew and Lynn, and I am confident, many other Doves.
Things have certainly improved, almost to the level of saying a miracle is taking place.
Certainly, the prayers are being answered.
I will keep everyone here posted.
Also, a co-worker of mine, shared with me yesterday, that he is facing almost the same situation as I.
I have passed along the words of Robert, Matthew and Lynn to him as well.  His name is Art.
He is hurting badly, almost to the point of final dispair.
Please offer up prayers for Art as well.
We all have to love one another and this is a good example of when it can be practically implemented.
In summary, nothing but positive when around Karen.
Tree a symbol of this committment I have made with God.
And, passing along prayers and lessons learned to the next person in need.
Thanks to all and blessings!