Tim (3 Sep 2011)

Hi John, I had a word from the Lord back on 30th May 2008 and a couple of
dreams since then that I am certain were from Him. But to make this
brief I will not go in to details of them now, you can ask if your interested.
He said to me that Daniel's days started on the 30/5/2008 and I have been
trying to understand more about that statement and the two dreams that he gave
After he spoke to me on the morning of 30/5/2008 he spoke to me again 21 days
later this time audibly and said just one word this time "Purity" the first
dream came at 421 days after he spoke to me the first time and notice the
digits add up to 7.
Then the second dream was at 532 days after and notice that the digits add up
to 10.
Then one year after the first dream came to 777 days after he first spoke about
Daniels days to me.
Then one year after the second dream came to 888 days after he first spoke
about Daniels days to me.
1260 days from 30/5/2008 comes to 11/11/2011 or 11/11/11! I have since
found that many people are talking about 11 11 but they don’t know it's
significance, but they have been noticing it on clocks computers and various
other places. I found that the Hebrew equivalent for 2011 which is 5772 has  a
Hebrew gematria value of 777!

Oh if this helps the first dream was about north Korea and possible out pouring
of the holy spirit and the second had the anti christ in it!
I just had to share it with someone who is looking at the signs of the times.
I would welcome any serious comments / questions.

God Bless,

Thanks, Tim.