Suzi (28 Sep 2011)
"Car Batteries & stuff"

The car battery issues happened on Saturday. My daughter's truck still starts 'begrudgingly'. We had to 'jump start' it with the new battery we put in the car. My husband doesn't want her taking the truck out of town, until we can get her a new battery.

Since we are due for more/larger/direct solar storms, it's very possible for these 'blackouts' to zap more than the 'grid'. I just thought it was very unusual to have both vehicles do this, then, in the hour we sat there, 3 other people come in, one guy with his car just 'dying' out in the parking lot, and another woman saying, 'I had to get it jumped this morning'. Very odd.

I even asked the guy at the counter if that was 'usual'...he just sort of  shrugged it off...saying in cooler weather they get more battery sells...but it's not been cooler here yet! Plus, I don't think he was aware of how, just in that hour, 5 different batteries, just in there store were 'down/zapped'. *other guys had waited on the different people*.

I've got lots of candles, lamps, flashlights, all that...but I too will feel a sense of 'claustrophobia' if all the 'lights go out'!! *eep*