Susan S (6 Sep 2011)
"Plants and Life"

While I had the day off today, I decided to walk around the house and tend to my plants that I have setting around in various rooms.  They have been a little ignored so I spent the time today to fix them up and check on their well-being. Some needed to be transplanted, some had leaves that were dying, some needed fertilizing, some needed to be moved to another area, and some just needed a word or two.  Yes, I do talk to my plants. As I was doing this, I realized this is just how God works in our lives.

Sometimes he transplants us in a new direction if he sees that things are not going right for us.  He gives us new soil to grow our seeds. Some of us die sooner then others, because of not getting the right nourishment,  catching diseases, or abusing our bodies with drugs and alcohol.  By not fertilizing our spirits with his Words of Wisdom (The Bible), we have No guidelines on how to live a fruitfull existance. He is the only one who truely listens when we have a problem if we talk to him.  I don't know about you but I want God in everything I do, hear, say, think, and feel including my work, friends, family, thoughts, deeds, etc. I want my Father in heaven to be looking down on me, and be proud of everything I do for him. With God you have everything.  God Bless You.



Susan S.