Susan B (6 Sep 2011)
"So many signs...."

Dear Doves,
Thank you for the blessing this site - and all of you - and John Tng have been over the years.
Tonight I was sitting just trying to absorb all that has happened this year - and it became overwhelmingly obvious that we must be at the very brink - in the "transition period" of a woman's labour - right before the birth.
What I cannot grasp is how the majority of people are so blinded to the truth - and the despair that will be felt during the years of tribulation.
It is also getting very very confusing - the sheer amount of conflicting information regarding Elenin etc - I believe Elenin is real - and I believe the Government is hiding something - for what reason I have no idea.
But - I do believe - soon and very soon our most blessed hope will come to pass...... it could be any day, any minute, any hour - it is so awesome it is actually hard to comprehend.
Yet  - I sit here and wonder "am I good enough" and of course the answer is "No".  Nobody is good enough to go - this is why it is so important to be constantly searching our hearts now - asking the Holy Spirit to completely indwell us and bring to our attention any sin, spot or that we may be humble and repent.  We cannot do it alone - we need the Holy Spirit and a full surrender to Him every moment of every day.
It has been a great pleasure to read this site each night......and I hope no offence is taken when I say that I hope we will not be reading it for too much longer - rather we will be living it!!!
All honour and glory to our Lord Jesus Christ - may He come quickly.
ysiC, Susan