Steve W (30 Sep 2011)
"To Fay, seriously confused.Where's the Rapture?"

Fay said;
Hi John and Doves,
This has got me all of a dither. I understand that we are so very close to some sort of conclusion but..........when? Please would someone help with making sense of this. I'm also struggling with that scripture that tells us that LORD Jesus will come when we don't expect Him. We're ALL expecting Him tonight!! I've found myself desperately trying to curtail my excitement now - the disappointment is crushing, as we all know. The signs.... chaos....'s all in place -  so we're obviously not being delusional.
Hi Fay,
We feel your pain,dissapointment,frustartaion,and anxiety. We have all been there at times. It is difficult and confusing. You are not alone. There has been so much build up over the last few months that many of us became convinced that the Rapture must happen at or near RH 2011. I mean look at all the posts of peoples Rapture dreams and visions. Then there is Elenin or plant X. The numbers. How about the numbers? They just couldn't be coincidental could they? And we have searched our Bibles to find scriptures that support our findings. Yes. The Rapture will occur in 2011. It simply has to. The news headlines these days are like reading from the book of Revelations. We have put our hope for tomorrow on a soon departure from this plant. Surely this hope will not disappoint. Will it? Can it ?
Remember 2010? All the visions and dreams and fleeces ? I was one who was convinced the Rapture would happen in 2010. After all, God gave me a word in 2006 that 2010 was the year of His coming. I remember your story too. The beautiful heron that came for a visit at your home. Yet, it was more than a visit. It was a sign from God. It was real. Your fleece was confirmation the Rapture would happen in 2010. But Jan 1, 2011 came, and no Rapture. How did you feel then? Confused? Betrayed? Wondering if the heron was a sign from God? Did this make you pause and question yourself as to what in the world happened? Where was God in all this? You are not alone. I have been there. Many of us have been there. It certainly should make us pause and reflect about our faith, desires,motivations,and priorities.
Watching and waiting for our Lord's return should be a joy. We should have complete peace knowing Jesus will return at our Fathers appointed time. The moment
we try to figure out when He will return can be the start of a pathway that may lead us to great disappointment. Don't get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with speculation. Sharing our theories and ideas are fun. Our dreams and visions are can be a source of encouragement. Yet, it is mostly speculation. We should take these
things with a grain of salt. If we begin to believe all these signs are from God we may be in for a big "crash and burn". A big letdown.
Yes, Jesus is coming back. Yes, the signs of the times scream Rapture. But to some degree, this has been going on for years and even decades. We just don't know.
And you know what, I think that's how God wants it. He wants us to live in the present, the here and now. I have been robbed of peace and blessing by putting my hope in a soon earthly departure. And when it doesn't happen at the time we think it will, it can be a major downer. In some ways, I think Evil can use this to rob of
us of His simple pleasures that come about daily in our lives. The pleasures of playing with our children, rich conversations with our spouse and friends, and taking a nice long hike in the country or ocean side enjoying His creation. What we need now is His peace. He will come someday. But until then, He promises abundant life. This, in spite of life's trials and disappointments.
Yes, life is hard. We long for heaven. We long to see Him face to face. But He is here with us now. We have so much life to live if He should tarry. And there is no reason to doubt that that abundant life cannot be rich and glorious here on earth at the present.
Enjoy today for what it brings. You are a blessing to those around you. They need you. They need your heart and love. Should we live to be gray and wrinkled, so be it.
All the more to tell of our wondrous stories when He finally calls us home and we meet Him and one another in our heavenly dwelling place. My prayers are with you.
Thanks for your posts.
Steve W.