Steve (8 Sep 2011)
"Jan Loots email"

Jan Loots and all Doves,
         I wanted to recommend a product called supple ( to Jan Loots and all
doves with joint pain. My dad has dealt with a case of back pain for several years. It is often very
painful with muscle spasms. I felt like the LORD directed me to watch a thirty minute program
on supple. It sounded very good. I did some internet research and found positive results. They also
have a money back guarantee. My dad is 86 year old ww2 vet. He is on week 4 or 5 with the supple.
The back problem is improving each week. The supple actually rebuilts the tissue between the joints
and builds bone strength. My mom also drinks the supple. She said the wrist and neck pain from a car
accident are almost gone. She is also on week 4 or 5. We feel like this is the LORD's answer to these
Thanks John for all your hard work ...