Stan H (9 Sep 2011)
"RE:Lynn (7 Sep 2011) "CALLING ALL DOVES! Please help me with suggestions!""

Hi Lynn,

I think the Lord is amazing in how he works in our lives! I must say that this very request has been something I have been pondering on for some time. I read about a Christian man who made a video on a disc right from his laptop. Within the video he explained how the lord had revealed to him that he would soon die. (sounds morbid I know) but it is true. His death did happen and not too long after he made the video. That video has brought many to know the Lord and has given all of his family peace knowing he was OK with what God showed him.

So my point is that making a cd/dvd of yourself explaining, in detail, where to find scriptures regarding the plan of salvation, but everything you can find regarding how to survive after the rapture. This will take a great deal of planning and organization on your part. It might even be a good idea to create a small package with all of your reference material within. Put it in a fireproof safe to protect it. This is what I have been led by the Lord to do for my close friends and family. I have been bold in telling them that the rapture will happen and if by chance they are left that they can find this cd and materials where I leave it for them. Once they have the knowledge of its existence within their mind, no matter what they deal with, once they know you and millions of others are gone, that knowledge will be burning within their minds. It will become a goal within them to find and listen and read. Of course we pray that it will not be necessary, but at this point it is! We do not know the condition of anyone's heart, only the Lord. I will pray for your husband.

In his service