Shaela (29 Sep 2011)

Hi there,

I want to share 3 dreams I have had in the past months and weeks (3rd one was received Monday morning at 6 AM-you will see how the day and time are important)
1st dream I received was not really a dream, but strong words from I just know the Lord.  I awoke to words “D-Day!”  At the time it was late May 2011, and D-Day was June 6th.  D-Day is referred to (see below) as “departed day.”  Day we depart from this earth…  And I had not heard or seen anything referring to D-Day, like watching “Saving Private Ryan” or any other films prior to His words.

2nd dream I was preparing for my wedding (even though I am currently married).  I had the dress and was waiting for my bridegroom.  When I awoke I could only think of the “Rapture of the Bride”

3rd dream was received Monday morning, 9/26/11 at 6:00 am.  In the dream, my brother was telling me only 60 hours to go, and this confirmed what I had said to someone else earlier in the dream.  I have never thought of hours in terms of when Rosh will be upon us, but when I awoke, I calculated that 60 hrs from 6 am Monday would be today, Weds. 6:00 PM our time, which is the beginning of Rosh.

Dreams are His way of giving us hope and helping us to prepare.  I am frightened but He has said don’t be, if you know Me and believe in Me.  I can’t wait to hug Him and tell Him face-to-face that I love Him so much.