SBC (30 Sep 2011)
"To B.G. Ellis - Rapture Date of October 1st Coincides with Dr Owuor's vision of the Rapture"


Thank you for your post of today because it excited me to think that the Lord might be coming for us on 10-1-11 sometime after the hour of 8:00 p.m. Jerusalem time.    Why do I say that particular time? 


1)     I have a good friend who is a visionary and sees things often.  The last week of December of 2010 she called me and told me that she had just had a vision but it was very short this time.  All she saw was the word CANCELLED  11.  The 11 numeral came up after the word appeared and started out small, then rose up high with big numerals, then receded back down to settle beside the word.  I have often thought about why would the Lord tell us 11 was cancelled.  All I could come up with was that the year of 2011 would be cancelled for the bride of Christ because she would be leaving earth and time would be over for her. 

2)    You explained that the messenger in the dream you referred to in your post said the rapture would occur on 10-1-11.  Doing away with the 0, this is 4 ones, or 2 elevens, or 1 -  11:11 like you said.  Indeed many people have been seeing 11:11 this year. 

3)     After hearing Dr. Owuor’s report of April 27, 2011 about the rapture occurring during one of his meetings , I looked to see if one of them occurred during the Feast of Trumpets because I have believed for 30 years that the Lord almost has to come on that date due to the fact that the Feasts are God’s calendar of historical events proclaiming in writing His timing of world events.  Especially the title of the Hidden Day  aka No One Knows The Day or The Hour, is important because I believe Jesus used those words in His Olivet Discourse as a clue to point out when He would come – on the Feast of Trumpets.

4)    I thought at first that if Dr. Owuor was truly given a vision that the rapture would occur during one of his meetings, then his meeting in Sweden this year would be too late............but alas you have given me hope B.G.  Dr. Owuor’s first meeting is in Gnarp, Sweden Friday at 7:00 p.m.  That just happens to be an hour behind Jerusalem time of 8:00 p.m., but the date has changed as of sunset in Jerusalem making it October 1st, 2011.  It is still the Feast of Trumpets in Sweden, Friday, the 30th of September!   If I have miscalculated, I am open to correction.

5)    Do you suppose Jesus might come for us at that hour shortly after he starts his meeting?  Dr. Owuor said that he saw the rapture happen at the opening of one of his meetings just after asking all ushers who were ushering people into the meeting to sit down and partake of the message.  Wow!  Wouldn’t it be great if it could happen then and we all could figure out the time in our own time zones related to Sweden!  We’ll know soon.


Hope this is it because I too have been a watcher for 55 years.   I have enjoyed immensely all the posts by all doves regarding these endtime events.  No one has all the answers but all of us together with positive and humble attitudes can figure out the timing of the Lord’s return.  Jesus castigated the people of His day for not knowing the HOUR of His visitation.  Since He is the same yesterday, today, and forever, He would feel the same way today.  I believe it pleases Him that there are so many of us who want to know when our wedding day is even down to the ‘midnight hour’ in our time zone.  What a blessing all of you doves are to so many of us who do not post, but who also serve by waiting, watching, and praying with you and for you.


Love to all of you and hope to meet you soon at the wedding supper of the Lamb.


Thank you John for your diligence and faithfulness to post our letters.  You and the doves have taught me much.