Ruthann Martin (8 Sep 2011)
"Time-Frame Rosh Hashana to Tishrei 1"

I've also been looking toward this season of Rosh Hashana as a highly possible time for the Rapture.  Only one thing has caused me to wonder a bit - Dr. David Edward Owuor was shown that when the Rapture takes place, he will be conducting another of his meetings.  And his next meeting (Gnarp, Sweden) won't begin until September 30th.  I respect him so highly, even pondering the possibility that he may well fit the role of "the Elijah who is to come before the great and terrible Day of the Lord," even as John the Baptist fit that role before the Lord's first appearing.  His message has been, consistently, one of Repentence, Holiness, Preparing the Way of the Lord.  And the integrity and authenticity of those messages have been stamped "Approved" by the works, and "greater works," of Jesus.  Those born blind see, those born crippled walk.  And every manner of illness and deformity have been cured by the power of God.  His mighty prophecies have 'hit the mark' every time.   
I enjoyed Jean Stepnowski's letter of September 6th, and found very interesting her information about all the "New Beginnings" marked by Tishrei 1.  I respect her knowledge, wisdom and insight very much, so I was not doubting her work, but curious to see what dates were put forth by the website, Hebrew (  I found these items on their home page:  "Wednesday, September 7 = 8th of Elul.  Rosh Hashana 5772 begins at sundown on Wednesday 28, 2011."
If these dates are accurate ( and many of you, being far more knowledgeable than I, use different calendar/dates), then the two days of Rosh Hashana would include sunset Wed the 28th 'til sunset the 29th, then from sunset the 29th 'til sunset the 30th, meaning that Dr. Owuor's next meeting could fall within the time-bracket of Rosh Hashana.
Jean wrote that one of the New Beginnings of Tishrei 1 might be the end of the Pentecostal Gentile dispensation.  And Tishrei 1 would need to mark the first day of the Tribulation, if it is going to fit the time-frame of 2011-2018, with the Lunar tetrads and solar eclipses ("The moon will turn to blood, and the sun become as sackcloth before the coming of the great and terrible Day of the Lord") falling into place at the "half-way mark," denoting the onset of the "Great" Tribulation, at which time the remnant of God's Jewish chosen ones would flee to Jordan, to be sheltered in Petra for 3 and a half years.
Not to mention all the many reports from you all, over time, of having seen great destruction fall simultaneously with the Rapture,or shortly thereafter, marking the beginning of the Tribulation with, or near, the Departure.
As with every possibility offered here, I write my disclaimer:  If this season comes and goes, as so many have - Well, we just dust ourselves off, set our faces and feet to go right on following Jesus, knowing that THAT DAY will surely come, and perhaps at a time that is just impossible to "figure out."  But there's one thing to be said to our credit - No one can accuse us of being lukewarm!!   And I'd rather die still watching and waiting, than to give up the watch, or grow careless, or have Him find me lukewarm when He does call us upward.  We love Him so much, and trust Him totally.  And I think, when it all comes down, that's all that really matters.  Ruthann Martin