Rowina (23 Sep 2011)
"To Lynn on your wedding dreams"

I rarely have good dreams.  I don't dream much, but if I do the dreams are anxious.

However, a month or so ago I had a wonderful happy dream.  It was not necessarily about a wedding, but it might have been about my new mansion in Heaven.

I dreamed I was in an older home by the sea.  It was Spanish style like my parents' home, with some of their furniture in it, but there the resemblance
ended.  This house had the capacity to grow itself, to become larger, as I walked through it, and the furniture had the capacity to renew itself, as if an
invisible hand were restoring it to new condition.  It seemed to go in stages down toward the sea, although I wasn't watching the sea.  Each room I
walked into had furniture which had renewed itself.  But after the first room or two, I was not walking alone.

Soon after I entered the house, I saw my deceased husband and several other people, dressed as if for a party.  My husband immediately came over
when he saw me and we had a blissful welcome home hug.  He then walked with me through the rest of the house.  

This was a totally happy dream, as if all cares had gone away.  All that had been old and hurtful was renewed and became whole.

The mansion I walked through was unlike the one I had thought up as my likely home in heaven.  It was a surprise.  It was a gift from the Lord
which I had not expected or designed.  I can't tell you if we went on to the Wedding Supper of the Lamb.  That would be another surprise to come,
I think.