Rowina (2 Sep 2011)
"Frank on mandates from heaven"

It is important to treasure those times when we have received mandates from heaven, as you did when the setting sun settled right on you.

I suppose my chief mandate was when I saw Jesus in the air 21 years ago, and expressed his love to me.  I had been praying for him to
get in touch with me and make me understand what to do now that I had left the Catholic parish I was in, where things were "veering south."
He did get in touch, but he did not tell me what to do.  He just told me with physical waves entering my heart that he loved me.  I do hang
onto that situation which happened then.  A mandate too.

I had an interesting experience on Maui once, which was not a mandate for me, but showed a remarkable in-touchness with the setting sun,
as in your experience.  My husband and I were sitting on the sea wall watching a particularly wonderful golden sunset.  The sunset was
not "orange", but pure gold.  And I said to Irv, someone important is dying on the island tonight, and this is for him.

I did not know that Charles Lindberg had come home to die on the island, at his home near the southern tip of the island.  But I read about
it the next day.

It was a very beautiful sunset, and I have always wondered why Lindberg was that special.  Perhaps because he was an aviator and
my husband was a designer of airplanes, so that he was important to us, and I saw the sunset as being for him.

I don't know.  We can't categorize everything, can we?