Rowina (1 Sep 2011)
"Kevin, thanks for your reply on vegetarianism"

It is my understanding that Seventh Day Adventists are vegetarians but not necessarily vegans.
I met some of them about 8 years ago when I attended a lecture series at one of their churches.
I found them to be wonderful people, but I did not agree that one had to have the Sabbath on
Saturday, and Saturday sabbath was very difficult for me, so I did not join them.

The Seventh Day Adventists MAY push veganism, a more extreme form of vegetarianism, but
I was not aware of that when I went to their potlucks.  At that time, they did have dairy on their
menu (for the potlucks).  

There is a sharp difference between vegetarianism and veganism, as vegetarians eat (with
individual differences) diary and eggs, but no protein that would have been from a living creature.
They do not consider eggs to be a living creature unless the egg is fertilized.

I read the sources you listed, and I found the ones urging Christians to have compassion and
refrain from eating meat that had been killed were very compelling.  We do have a terrible problem
in our country with factory farms and attendant cruelty to animals.

I myself eat, as protein which once was living, only fowl.  And that fowl is raised not in factory farms
but in open spaces, with natural light and organic feed.  This is a better way to raise animals, kinder to
them and healthier for us.

It is not a sin to eat a steak, as you said, as we live in a fallen world and our food source cannot be pure
or perfect as it would be in Heaven.  

As I said in my last post on this issue, for some people it is too difficult to find enough food that is
vegetarian.  I myself cannot eat tofu, (soy protein) as I am sensitive to it and get sick (very sick) from
it.  I can eat no soy except the little traces which are found in some foods, due to manufacturing
processes.  And I can't tolerate a lot of beans, and I'm sensitive to legumes.  So I have to eat
animal protein.  I cannot eat a perfect diet, and many people are the same.  Many people cannot
afford to eat anything but whatever meat is placed in their environment, even McDonald's hamburgers,
so that is what they have to eat.  

Daniel the Prophet ate vegetarian for his health, I expect, and not for religious reasons, as the Jews
ate all kinds of meat except pork and shellfish, which were prohibited by God.

I expect that if veganism comes to be enforced by the NWO, eventually, many people will NOT be
able to tolerate that diet, and hence those of us who cannot eat that way will be eliminated, made sick
or starved.  Not a good prospect.