Rosaire Clavet (23 Sep 2011)
"strange signs"

Shalom to everyone. Last week a super nova exploded in the sign of Ursa Major or the Great Bear or Dipper near the sixth star in the tail. The book of «Witness of the stars» written by E.W. Bullinger give the name of the star «Mizar » meaning separate or small and close to it is « Al Cor» meaning the Lamb. It’s like Jesus speaking to the sixth church «Philadelphia». Also viewing Google Sky I found on the right of Mercury,  in the sign of Lion  a strange star, perhaps Niburu. You can only see it by using infrared button. In the left of Mercury you will find another star blanked by Nasa in the sign of Virgo, perhaps Elenin. Surely God  is speaking to the believers. Rosaire Clavet