Robin B (9 Sep 2011)

To Deborah and Rowina...thank-you for you reassuring words...but, I think the intent of my post was not as clear as I had hoped. For the most part, I think Lynn knew what I was referring to and Paul's post from Tozer pretty much hit the nail on the head. We, in America, have become lazy and undisciplined Christians. We have taken our liberty to assemble and worship with such complacency that it means little in the context of our brothers and sisters in other countries. I have heard pastors from the US who have ministered in other countries express their astonishment at the hunger and desire Christians have for the Word of God and to live a life pleasing to Him and honoring of His sacrifice and love. I have never doubted in the 37 years since accepting Jesus as my savior that I would go to heaven, despite still having done some terrible things in that time span.  We want Jesus as our Savior,but, struggle with the "Lord of my life" component.  Lord of my thoughts and actions....desires,ect.
We have so many choices...where to attend church, what service...early or late, contemporary or traditional?  Maybe I'll just stay home and watch a pastor on read the Bible and what translation...or, maybe tomorrow.  I am guilty of it all through the years. But, in India or Africa when a meeting is presented, people will walk for hours to hear the Word of God and they see such incredible miracles because the people are desperate for God. I do not see the church in America as ready as churches in other areas of the world...and so, we still are wrinkled and spotted.
Our individual heart's cry must be for repentance...a fresh anointing of the Holy walk uprightly and with a desire for Holiness...even if it can't be attained until we are in Glory. And collectively, we should be on our faces before His Throne....I don't see that here, yet. Blessings in The Name Above All Names.
 Robin B.