Robin B (7 Sep 2011)
"Refined by Fire"

I am as anxious as the next Christian to see my Savior face to face. I would love to believe the rapture is right around the corner. But, there is something troubling me...and I willing accept your thoughts.  Christ is coming back for His Bride....His Church that is without spot or wrinkle. I look around and see many churches filled with many spotted and wrinkled inhabitants...including myself.  I would challenge us all to ask our selves and one another....what does your/my private life look like?  Would I send texts or emails regardless whether Jesus was looking over my shoulder or not? Watch the same content on TV/movies...or look at the same magazines if Jesus was watching? Because He is, you know.  I am vexed in my spirit and heart at times when I slip...when I observe what others are doing and saying, and yet, proclaim they are looking for our Redeemer.  Our prayer lives, connections with other much that indicate deficits in our spiritual condition.
Dear friends, the Church is not ready, in my humble opinion. I know we need not be perfect...that is impossible this side of Glory. But I do not see a prepared body and feel that there is judgment coming that the church will endure in order to refine us to meet our Groom.  I would welcome being snatched away from the trouble which is cresting over the horizon. It's frightening what is occurring and what is still to come....frightening.There are believers all over the world who are being tortured, imprisoned, persecuted for the cause of Christ....why do we think we are worthy to escape the flames of refinement? I know we will escape the wrath...just not so sure it will be so easy as being snatched away this month.  Blessings and Peace in these I said, I welcome any thoughts.