Robert Belanger (7 Sep 2011)
"Re: Tony"

Dear Tony,

Your sincere love and concern for the eternal welfare of your wife has been heard.


Dear heavenly Father You hear the sincere prayers of all of Your children. Please do what can be done to open the eyes and ears of Tony's dear wife to the urgency of these days. Actually, all days are urgen,t given the unpredictability of life on this planet in these dangerous times. Give he the pervading and unwavering idea that Jesus loves her and died for her on that painful cross, without uttering a single word of revenge or of hatred, but rather calling for His Father to forgive His murderers since they knew not what they were doing. FOrgive, Tony's wife and others like her dear Father, for they too do not know what they are doing.

What they are really doing when they reject the offer of salvation and eternal joy from the One who paid the price with His life on that cruel cross, is rejecting the only true salvation available to us on earth. Our works cannot save us. No one else can intercede for us except He who earned that right at the cross. He willingly gave His life that she and those who reject Him could escape the punishment that their sinful nature deserves as descendants of Adam and Eve. But, the price is making the choice to believe in Him.

But words like these are weak and will not do. The Holy Spirit Himself must descend into the mind and be the agent of transforming change. Unrepentant men and women cannot choose to be saved for their sinful nature makes such a choice impossible for them, The choice must be motivated by You dear Holy Spirit who can find Your lost sheep and woo them homeward, as the last rays of daylight fade quickly in the western sky. The cry of the wolves across the distant hills can be heard and the cold wind of evening is beginning to blow across the land. The time remaining is truly limited and the lost sheep must be found and told the good news so that they can truly understand what it means to be saved.

Motivated by the Holy Spirit, on April 15, 1912, as the great doomed ship RMW Titanic gave up the ghost and sank beneath the ocean waves for the last time, the Reverend John Harper willingly jumped in the sea and swam from one to another asking if they were saved, before they perished. He quoted Acts 16:31 Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ, and thou shalt be saved. Send another Rev. Harper to Tony's wife and the others like her to tell them in their final minutes that all they need to do is believe on the Lord Jesus Christ.

Please, dear Father, honor Tony's request and send Your Holy Spirit in some way that only You can know to find her -- one more of Your lost sheep. I pray she will understand at last and in the presence of holy  tears of joy, finally accept the greatest gift that she could ever hope to receive, from Someone who has been waiting a long time to welcome her home.

Thank You so very much for hearing my simple but sincere words and let Tony's wife receive this gift before the Lord returns.