Robert Belanger (24 Sep 2011)
"The Answer is Yes"

Dear Cindy,
My dear sister in Christ, I enjoyed your message and would like to respond to your question. Yes, I will be happy to take His hand and enter eternity, along with you and many others who read this web site.
Until we reach that wonderful moment, Cindy, which may be in just a few days if we can understand prophetic signs in His Word, I pray that He will give you peace and joy in your life. He can comfort and remove any lingering separation in our lives and let us know that He is ready and willing to receive those who accept Him as saviour and Lord.
May God bless and keep yo, Cindy, in His love, until we all ascend to meet Him in the clouds.

Cindy (23 Sep 2011)
"Interesting Findings in History"

"So in my opinion the greatest historical finding is, Jesus Christ. The greatest sacrifice Jesus Christ did for all who would be His till the end of the world. So, would you take His hand and enter eternity?"