Robert Belanger (24 Sep 2011)
"Thanks Jim"

Thanks Jim for the interesting message on the three irrefutable proofs for believing these are the end times we are living in now, i.e., 1) history of Israel being reborn, 2) Daniel's prediction of Christ's first coming, and 3) the increase in travel and the increase in knowledge.
Everyone alive now has to agree that these are indeed proofs. It amazes me that the learned Hebrew scholars and theologians of Christ's day did not recognize Jesus as the Messiah prophesied in Daniel, since the dates were known for the re-building of Jerusalem according to Artaxerxes and how Jesus was fulfilling the prophecies of Micah, Isaiah and Joel, in addition to Daniel. But I guess they just did not understand that He would appear twice, and they expected the Kingly appearance, not the suffering servant, the lamb of God and the only Saviour for mankind.
We are truly knowledgeable of matters that even the savants of previous historical periods did not understand or appreciate fully. Thanks again for taking the time to remind us. Great message!