Rene (7 Sep 2011)
"re: Joseph Prince Ministries"

re: the link to Joseph Prince website. I agree that this preacher of salvation by GRACE is one of the BEST on TV. He is authentic, down to earth, and not clamoring every ten minutes for donations. His messages are not only good for new babes in Christ who may be discouraged just "coming out of the trenches of life," and for those who are well-grounded in the word - who need to be reminded from time-to-time of the wonder of God's amazing GRACE and LOVE for us. I often hear some of the current TV preachers talking about the rapture being a reward of sorts for those who are fully devoted, fully living for God, sinless and squeaky clean, etc. The rapture is an event for those who belong to the Lamb. It is not based on works anymore than salvation is! I am "squeaky clean," and "sinless" because of the BLOOD of the Lamb, NOT by any works of righteousness that I have done! I received that by faith in Jesus -- through God's wondrous GRACE!