Rene (2 Sep 2011)
"K.S. Rajan - Re Soc Sec in the US"

Just a note I wanted to make about your working as long as able. This may be fine for some folks, but here's the thing. I am sick-and-tired of people talking about social security being an "entitlement program." It isn't an entitlement. I have paid into that program more than half a million dollars over many decades. I would have to live until I am 112+ to get even part back what I have paid in! The government has basically taken that more than half a million I PAID in and squandered it - giving it out liberally to a lot of overseas nations that personally hate our guts and will never have to pay us back! I have a sister who is wanting to retire due to poor health and she can't retire because she is not elig for medicare until she is 65, so she would have NO INSURANCE at all without working full time! She is currently a few years short of 65 but she goes to work every day and has excruciating pain all day long to the point that she can barely walk - let alone MOW a yard! She comes home in tears from the pain. She cannot get disability and yes, I know of people on disability who are capable of working, but are scamming the system because they are lazy good-for-nothings that want to eat and sleep all day and play video games while the rest of us support them! 
Yes, it is true - a LOT of people cannot mow yards at 80 years old! Just because some can, does not mean they all can! My sister has been paying in for social security many decades, longer than I have!  There are illegal immigrants coming into this country who are TRYING to get social security benefits after only being here a couple of years! You can imagine how people like me, who have been having nearly one third of our paycheck STOLEN by the government for the last 40+ years FEEL about this! Especially when they then tell us that this is an "entitlement program!" No - just refund me the 500,000.00 + dollars I have sunk into this corrupt system - that is all! All those YEARS that I sometimes worked 60-80+ hours a week or more and got paid for 40. I am also sick to death of hearing politicians like Obama threaten to cut benefits for seniors - why don't they CUT out the billions every year they are spending in Iraq and now in Libya and in Afghanistan and LEAVE the seniors alone? Why do they always focus on DOMESTIC cuts? I say - CUT OFF ALL FOREIGN AID to all the countries that hate our guts and we won't have a budget CRISIS! If we had not been murdering MILLONS of babies a year by abortion, there would also be PLENTY of young people working to support the seniors just as I worked when I was young to support the seniors who were retiring then! All our government has to do is stop sending billions in OUR tax dollars overseas, cut out the WASTE in all the overlapping bueauocratic agencies, do away with worthless entities like FEMA and the Federal Reserve and our BUDGET would be in the GREEN from now on!!!!