Randy (8 Sep 2011)
"Last comment at the end of the Kabbalah article...MUST SEE THIS...."

Here is quote from the end of the article....SOMETHING at the end CAUGHT MY EYE, before I was going to exit the site!!!!!
"Nevertheless, we were discussing time, and we can look at our 5778 physical years as the bottom portion of a bowl, or better yet, of a tall narrow vase with steep side.  To us at the very bottom, time and the passing years appear flat like the earth, but we know that the earth is round and curves at any horizon.
In reality, time does as well, and the curve gets steeper before and beyond the 5778 year period that is soon ending.  At 7 years away, we are still too far away to really see it, but I suspect that soon the curvature will come into view.  As illustrated above, the first 2 seconds will be as 20; the first 2 minutes will be as 200, the first 2 hours as 200o, the first 2 days  as 20000, the first 2 months as 200,000; and the first 2 years as 2 million; and the first 20 years as 20 million; and the first 200 years as 200 million, while the final 1000 and 2000 will be nearly infinite.
You may feel that in the past 60-70 years time has felt as if it’s speeding up what with planes, and rockets, and satellites, and the advent of the telex, facsimiles, cell phones, email, instant messaging, texting and tweeting, but we’re only approaching the event horizon; things will really speed up in the near future.
As time speeds up science and spirituality will converge.  Already, scientists have settled on the 10-dimensional structure of the universe, the same as the ancient kabbalists and Abraham back in 2018 HC when he wrote about them and the 22 building blocks of the universe.  2018 CE is fast approaching; it’s time we all catch-up.
No one should be left behind."

The writer is referring to: "understanding the missing 222 years in the Jewish calendar.....BUT HIS FINAL COMMENT IS....
 "No one should be left behind."   !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I had to post this before I moved on today.....
What?  Left behind?  Wasn't that what WE are trying to keep people from being.....LEFT BEHIND at the Rapture??  that's why we are Watchmen on the Wall.....yes?? 
tick Tockkkkk
PS....always a PS!!  So, all of a sudden, for me...in the last week..... I've 'been led" to a few great articles/posts/sights that have ALL FOCUSED IN ON the year 2018.......5778 in Jewish year counts.  Each writer made some great observations on the importance of THAT year.
Take away 7 years for the Tribulation....and you get to 2011.  Could the Rapture yet be this fall?  THIS Rosh Hashanah?  or THIS fall Jewish feast season????  Whew........alot to think about!!