Randy (8 Sep 2011)
"Question to all:  How does Kabbalah fit into the end Times??? Does it have a role to play for us Christians??"

I've seen recently......Kaballah sites pop up in my searches on various End Times Subjects...
I have never had them come into my searches before.
Does anyone know of this?  (except that Maddonah is into this! lol)
This is addressing the "missing" 222 days in the Jewish Calendar. I haven't read it yet....just skimmed it. (By the way, Jewish year 5778 (2018 to us) PLUS 222 years, makes 6000 years..or, the 6 millieniums before the 1000 year reign of Christ, The Messiah.)
Here is an excerpt that I get lost in.....
Nevertheless, the 222 years are above (spiritual), and kabbalah teaches us that what happens above gets reflected below, so we should also account for 222 years in our world, and we find them in the time of our Patriarchs.
We know that the Covenant of Abraham occurred in 2018 HC and that the Torah specifically tells us the exile in Egypt would last 430 years; that takes us to the year 2448 when the Red Sea was split and the Torah (tree-of-Life) was received at Sinai.  But the Torah also tells us the Israelite left Egypt 210 years after Jacob and his 70 family members entered.
430-210 is 220 unaccountable years, and they are considered to be the 220 of exile in Canaan, part of the full Egyptian exile. Jacob is the key.
He promised to tithe to G-d and then worked for 22 years.  According to the Ari, Jacob was an incarnation of Adam and worked most of his life to rectify the sins of Adam.  As is said by chazal; Adam (ADM) stands for Adam-David-Mosiach and while David’s life falls at the exact midpoint (2889 HC) from Adam (0) to 5778, by tithing those 22 years Jacob saved us 220 years, and completed the full 6 millennium for us.
My comments:
What POPS out at me is this: (Remember my recent posts....about 1/2 the life of King David puts the world at ONE-HALF the "age of the world," in Jewish year counts in year 5778 (2018 to you and me)
Now.....this above excerpt gets there in a different way than the way the writer at www.getreadyforJesus.com does....but, none-the-less, this is the SECOND TIME IN 1 WEEK that 2 articles I have read tell me, for the FIRST TIME IN MY LIFE...that 1/2 the value of Jewish year 5788 MEANS ANYTHING TO ANYONE!!!!!!!!!
Does it mean anything to YOU?
Does it mean anything to ME?    Well... if the year 2018, or 5778 in Jewish Year count...70 years AFTER the nation of Israel is re-born....is meant to mean ANYTHING to ANY OF US......  there are people "out there" who have studying this long before I had even thought about it!!!
(There are ALOT of bright people out there who understand End Times Bible Prophecy, Christian OR Jewish scholars....MUCH better than I ever will!!)
Anyway.....thus my question.  How does Kabbalah fit into the End Times for Christians or Jews?  Is it real?  Is it important?
Since the Jews are STILL looking for the FIRST coming of their Messiah....and many Jews believe it wil happen SOON.   And...
Since may Christians are looking for the RETURN/SECOND coming of Jesus Christ........are each group's studies "2 sides of the same coin?" If you know what I mean........
All of a sudden I'm bumping into Jewish/Kabbalah concepts in my own Christian end Times Bible Prophecy searches...  Hmmmm
Just wondering....
Tick Tockkkkk,
PS....the underscores in the excerpt are from me.  Notice 2 things:
1) The Abrahamic covenant was in what year?   Jewish year 2018.
What year are we/me focusing on coming up?  2018 our year.
2) The writer uses the term:  ADM, or Adam-David-Mosiach to get to the Jewish year 2889 (half of the life  of David)   Multiplying that by 2, gets you to Jewish Year 5778....or 2018 to us.  (the rest of the article talks about "finding" the missing 222 years.......but add 222 to 5778 and you get an even 6000 years.....or the end of life on earth, followed by the next 1000 years....or the Millenial reign of the Messiah.  Jesus Christ.
Anyway....I can't help but feel that Kebbalah-ism has some role to play as WE look for the Rapture and the 2nd Coming!!
Are these the same concepts?
End Times Christians....vs....just regular Christians  ?
Kabbalah-ists  vs just regular Jews??
Are they sub-groups that are looking for the soon return/coming of their Messiah.....a Messiah who is, in fact , one in the same?????
(sorry...I don't know how else to put that..)