Randy (7 Sep 2011)
"Part 2: The emotional ups and downs of watching for the Rapture."

As I said in my last post.....
I've been learning about, and watching for, the Rapture for about 14 years now.
And with the ups and downs of life.......I can find myself longing for the Rapture (now and then) in an INVERSE relationship to how my life on earth is going.....from time to time....
When life is good....when life is easy....when finances and cash flow are good.....I am still watching daily for signs of the nearness of the Rapture.
(I couldn't deny the nearness of the Rapture even if I wanted to.  I couldn't stop watching for more signs every day even if I wanted to.  It is all too real....it is all too near....for me to be able to stop.  KNOWING that Israel becoming a nation in 1948 was the KEY to understanding that this IS THE FINAL GENERATION....the generation that will see the Rapture and the return of Jesus Christ.....this has been made so real to me that I cannot turn away from being a Watchman on the Wall. I can't help myself......it's been that way for a number of years!! )
But when OVER-challenges come upon me......I find myself LONGING for the immenency of the Rapture.....It just cannot come SOON ENOUGH for me!!  (Even on my "good days"....that's how I feel now!)   
But you can't WILL it to come sooner...NOR can you will it to come later.
The Rapture will happen exactly when God wants it to happen.
But, none-the-less.....my eyes are open daily to watch for signs in the news....of the nearness of the hour.
This much I know......
If I/we thought the Rapture was near back in 1998......HOW MUCH NEARER IS IT NOW.....Just based on the events in this world over the past 13 years....over the past 10 years since 9-11....or even just since Obama became president!!???  Look at all the End Times events that continue to take place.  ( Who would have thought the Arab spring would come about this year, so fast!! ..and who would have thought an American President would have adressed the Arabs the way he did in Egypt, back in 2010....and APOLOGIZE for our past arrogance!!!!.....or asked for Israel to return to the 1967 borders as he did in May, 2011.....or that Netanyahu would LECTURE the US President as he did right after that.   Did you see the look on Obama's face during that press conference???  I thought he was going to spit nails!!!!)
The "birth pangs" seem to happen almost on a WEEKLY basis....
Every now and then, I can even "feel a lull" in these birth pang events.
Then, all of a sudden BAM!!  Something else BIG happens in the world..
Wandering now as I write.....
1) I find it interseting that Netanyahu is AGAIN Prime Minister at a time when a Democratic President sits in the White House.  
2) I find it interesting that Obama is unable to get ANYTHING accomplished as it relates to Israel and the Palestinians.  He can't even get them to sit down together any more.......(at least not the Palestinians!)  and that EVERYONE KNOWS he is the WORST pro-Israel President of the US EVER!!
3) I find the increase in earthquakes and tsunamis amazing.  And the secular press calls them all "coincidences" and "just bad luck."
4) I find it amazing that the US and Euorpean economies and banks are ON THE BRINK of a huge mess....ONCE AGAIN....3 years after the first round literally brought the US and Europe and their banks to their knees and on the brink of financial armageddon!!  WOW!!  And yet.....we are all holding on by a string.....(In my opinion, just waiting for the Rapture to push everything off the cliff!!)
As you see....I just can't deny how near we seem to be.
I can't do it.....just can't do it!!
I thank God for websites like Five Doves.....and Rapture Ready......that help me stay on the "leading edge" of End Times Bible Prophcey FULLFILLLMENT.....every day.  I am more knowledgable than anyone else I know on this subject....EXCEPT for the people who post and write articles on these websites.  And more and more......the topic of the Rapture and end Times signs makes it into the secular press. that always gets my attention!!
And I am EXCITED to be a Christian living in (WHAT MUST BE) these Last Days....and seeing the events of the world lead us closer and closer to the Ratpure every day!  I can't wait.....to see it all START!!!
Over the past few years I've had to write down the "things" of this life that still make it worth living.  Not that I am unhappy with my life......I am grateful to God for the life He has given to me....challenges and all....every day!!
But aside from family, children and now, grandchildren....very few things still "turn me on" about this life.  HEY, I'm in my latter 50's.....even if the Rapture doesn't come for 30 years......I only have about 10 more years of working ahead of me.  MOST of my life is behind me.
Work.....doesn't do it.......
Money doesn't do it....
Golf doesn't do it.......   (now...it's just a game!!)  Who'd-a-thought that?!
Travel doesn't do it......flying now is such a drudge......like riding on a bad bus!!  9-11 changed ALL of that and threw the FUN out the window.
I do like flying myself....I'm a pilot for fun!!
I REALLY LIKE a rousing discussion about the Rapture and the End Times.......and I enjoy our church....and our pastor.......
I (somewhat) kiddingly tell close friends "3/4 of my life is behind me.  I KNOW where I get to go when I die (heaven) and I KNOW WHY I get to go (because of what Jesus Christ did for me) .....so hey!!  Let's just get on with it!! "  (lol)
The Rapture fits PERFECTLY into that statement!!
It can't come soon enough, in my opinion.....but in the mean time....."real life" must still be addressed....WAAH!!!   lol....
Soon or very soon!!
PS....If I was to tell a "counselor" about all of this......they would think I was NUTS!!
Fortunately, my wife indulges me about these things when I bring them up.....now and then....  But remember, she's the one who said when she called me on 9-11......she said "Turn on the TV.......you're right.....it's all starting!!"   YOU BETCHA!!
But the cares of THIS life.....will keep many from beleiving in the NEARNESS of the hour......but not me!