Randy (3 Sep 2011)
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Different Link, same article on this subject:

Just below the info from my last post, the writer writes:
#16.  The Arizal (Hebrew text) explains 70 years if the maximum number of years of suffering that an individual can be decreed.
My comment......how much suffereing has Israel lived through since 1948?  ALL OF IT..EVERY YEAR....63 years now.  Only 7 more to go....
That takes us up to 2018 for the return of Christ!!
#17......"King David was born, 2854 years after Adam.  He lived 70 years.
The Jewish year 2018 is 5778.
That means, when David was 35 years old, half of his life, it was Jewish year 2889....and the world was EXACTLY 1/2 it's FINAL AGE in 5778!
2854 + 35 = 2889     5778 / 2 = what?    2889 !!!!!  Incredible!!
In other words....the midpoint of King David's life was......you ready for this?......the MIDPOINT of the history of the world.
Oh, could it be this PERFECT....and this SIMPLE.....if, like the writer here, we only knew where to put all the pieces of the puzzle in place!!!????
Many new and exciting things to learn from this reading, at least for me.
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