Randy (23 Sep 2011)
"Is the Rapture THIS Week, on Rosh Hashanah?  Sept 28-30......2011"

Could it be THIS simple?
1) Israel re-born in 1948
2) the length of a generation:  70 years?
a) King David lived 70 years....and if the Rapture is 2011 and the Return of Jesus Christ is in 2018 (Hebrew Year 5778...at EXACTLY 1/2 the life of King David was 1/2 the age of the world at the Return of Jesus Christ.....also known as (for the Jews) the first coming of their Messiah.
b) Jews who are watching for the first coming of their Messiah, many believe that year is 2018/5778.  Great book:  The Divine Calendar  FREE download, google for it.
3) So, 1948 plust 70 gets you to 2018.  Take away 7 years for the Tribulation, and you are at 2011.
4) For as long as I have been "watching" and learning about End Times Bible Prophecy....... it has been my belief that the Rapture is  1) on a Jewish Feast Day and 2) That Rosh Hashanah, in the fall, IS THAT Jewish Feast to be watching.  You should have read a number of good reasons for this feast being the best choice....  google for it:  "Rosh Hashanah Rapture"  (180,000 hits on Yahoo!)
Put it all together.....and what do get?  THIS WEEK !!??  Sept 28-30.  Sundown on the 28th to Sundown on the 30th..... Jerusalem time??
Oh, could it be ???