Pineman (6 Sep 2011)
"Nancy Harbour (5 Sep 2011) ,"Carrington Event" - Refinement"

Dear Nancy & Doves:

Although I understand and use inclusive reckoning myself I think the data indicates that the Biblical fish number 153 refers to actual years in calculating the next Carrington Event.  The first Carrington Event in recent times was in 1859 as you correctly pointed out. 1859 + 153 = the 2012 cycle which coincides with solar maximum. I have posted a number of videos, all from different angles, that support the high probability of a Carrington event occurring from late 2012 into early 2013.

Of course our Lord is fully capable of taking our statistical models and turning them on their ears; but often times, if the science is correct, prediction models can be compatible with prophecy.  I must admit that my bias is with the scientific model rather than the inclusive reckoning model for spacing the Carrington Event according to the Biblical fish number 153.