Phil (3 Sep 2011)
"Elenin and Nibiru/Planet X"

John and Doves,
Well from all the reports and opinions it seems that Elenin is a bit of a fizzer doesn't it?
I find that all a little bit odd - this 'comet' zipping around the universe for 3,600 yrs and just as it arrives close to
our sun and our earth it sort of, well, fizzles. Very strange indeed.
Then we need to ask, is Nibiru/Planet X following along somewhere behind?
I am far from astronomically minded and some of the concepts involved just leave me clueless.
So what do we then make of this YT video about Elenin form Scott Mc Allister
Are his pronouncements completely wrong?
And some are suggesting that Elenin is a spacecraft. (Lost the link - sorry)
Strange days indeed!
Keep looking up,