Paul Wilson (9 Sep 2011)
"I can't believe I have stumped everyone here with this"

NO one knows this??? not even a educated guess??

Paul Wilson (26 Aug 2011)
"What is a Day?"

Very curious as to what is a day in heaven and the New Jerusalem??? We have many frames of reference: A day is as a thousand year a thousand years is as a day, the city of Jerusalem have 70 weeks determined on it each week is 7 years so a day would be a year, the day of the lord is 7 years (or 3.5 years if just the last half), the hour of temptation (tribulation) is 7 years extrapolating we get 168 years (some put the hour of temptation as the first half and then the hour of judgment as the second half making each hour 3.5 years making a day 84 years).
In short we have 1 day=1000 years; 1 day=1 year; 1 day=7 years or 1 day=3.5 years; 1 day=168 years or 1 day=84 years. Making a year anywhere from 365 years to 365,000 years in length.
So the Big question is what is the ratio of heaven days to earth days and by extension heaven years to earth years??? Also will this change after the MK (eternity)?? Will then earth and heaven days be the same (1:1 day ratio)???