Paul Wilson (3 Sep 2011)
"Re: Anybody else totally distracted from the cares of this life right now I am...."

No it isn't just you. I have found myself using a software program to better picture my house in the NJ. I am not that concerned with this life and the things in it. My thoughts are of home it is all I want. To be home and sin no more.

Randy (2 Sep 2011)
"Anybody else totally distracted from the "cares of this life" right now?? I am...."

Is it just me??
I can't focus on "this life" right now........
Earlier this year....I HAD TO focus on my job for a number of months. I had no just needed to be done.
But now......I find myself CONSUMED with what "may happen" in the next 30 days....there is so much going on on the prophetic scene.
And I can't HELP MYSELF.........  it is what I am living for now.......
(at the distraction of what I need to be doing for my job and income this fall........if there is NO Rapture this fall.... UGH!! )
It's a dilemma.....but I just can't pull away from it.
Oh well....
Tick Tock,