Paul Wilson (23 Sep 2011)
"If Time Doesnt Exist....."

How can anything be done in heaven??? Doing anything takes time for time not to exist nothing could ever be done. Even worship takes time. I must admit a existence that has no time in it sounds boring and heaven isn't boring. While I know time will not end for things to occur there has to exist time. For instance the tree of life bears it’s fruit every month. It is in the NJ so there must be months which are a measurement of time so it has to exist. Also there is silence in heaven for half an hour at the 7th seal again that is a measurement of time. The four beasts around the throne in revelation rest not day or night again a measurement of time. In rev 7 the multitude serve day and night in the temple again a measurement of time. In genesis time – in the form of day and night – was the first thing created. Since he made time before he even made US I would think it would continue to exist. While I don’t see aging (except children and then only till somewhere between 21-30) and I don’t see time ending I can’t see how time could cease to exist. If I wanted to cook a meal that takes time. If I want to say a prayer unto the Lord that takes time. If I want to discuss the bible with the apostles that takes time. Everything we do takes time. He created us as beings who live in time and do things in time so why would he change things when we get to heaven??? Yes God is not bound by time but since we won’t be God then I don’t see how we will cease to exist in time. Even the angels exist in time. Like the one who took 21 days to reach Daniel. If he existed out of time he should have been able to pop in at the precise moment Daniel was praying instead of having to battle the king of Persia to get to Daniel.
Perhaps it is the wording that is throwing us off. We use eternity to describe the time after the MK and to describe heaven from creation on when perhaps sempiternity would be a better term. Sempiternity is also called everlastingness. (like life everlasting and everlasting covenant) It is something existing within time but infinitely into the future. In fact the Hebrew word translated as eternity is more often translated as everlasting and of the Greek words used two are also translated as everlasting and the other has a meaning in which time seems to be a factor. the word translated as eternity (only found in OT) also is translated as everlasting.
How could we praise God throughout eternity if time does not exist????