Patty Hayes (6 Sep 2011)
"U.N. Security Counsel and Sept. 21"

I checked on the U.N. Security Counsel on the United Nations website and learned there are 10 permanent members with an additional temporary 5 nations that come on board for 2 years at a time.  Now, I understand that Barack Obama will be coming in for 2 days regarding the UN Security vote for a Palestinian State.  From there he goes to Bill Clinton's Global Innitiative in the same building for a speech. 
This agreement is what Mr. Mitchell and additional writers framed, calling it formerly the Oslo Accords, then named the Mitchell plan that George W. Bush at Annapolis used when all nations showed up to create a Peace Plan.   This agreement is set for 7 Years increments, another words at the conclusion of the first 7 years, to determine to pursue a second set of 7 years.
We have heard Barack Obama's declaration of pushing the boundaries of Israel back to the pre-1967 boarders before Israel was attacked and where they won the current boundaries in self-defense.  Then
he vacilates back and forth of this very thing.  Given his own history of going behind the backs of Congress to use "Executive power" write in on laws that were defeated in both houses, it would not be at all surprising this "Plan", Land for Peace, gets a YES vote this time.  I rea
And being that the next day a "celebration of Peace".