ML (8 Sep 2011)
"Some Interesting Day counts to September 8th, 2011."


Regarding Obama’s appointment to speak at the joint session of Congress on September 8th, at 7pm EST on the subject of jobs and the economy – this was originally ‘requested’ by Obama to be on Wednesday September 7th, according to various news media reports, however, for all the ‘apparent’ jostling about the timing of this speech, it appears from the Word of God that the date is both precise and determined (as all of his speeches have been)


September 8th  = Day # 251 of the year.


H251: ach = brethren, brother, another, brotherly, kindred, brother of same                 parents.


-first occurrence in GENESIS 4:2 , referring to the birth of Abel, Cain’s brother.


The Number 251:


These 2 words stood out from the list with gematria of 251 on Bible Wheel.


H761: Arammiy  = Syria. “Exalted”.


H7316: Rumah = “height”



Using the day counts as the basis for other Hebrew words  by their assigned STRONGS NUMBERS :-


FROM: 29th October, 2008. (A Closing Argument to the Everyman)

TO:  8th September, 2011 speech.


= 1045 days. (1044 days for original proposed date of 7th Sept)


FROM: 4th November, 2008. (Election day)

TO: 8th September, 2011.


= 1039 days.


FROM: 20th January, 2009. (Inauguration Day, or # days in office)

TO: 8th September, 2011.


=962 days.


>> H1044: bet eqed = “house of (the) binding (for sheep shearing)

>>H1045: bet  astarat = “House of Astoreths”; Beth – Ashtoroth.

>>H1039: bet nimra = “House of the Leopard”

>>H962: bazaz = to plunder, catch, gather for a prey, take for  prey,

                    rob, robber,spoil, take, take away, take spoil,utterly.




Two other timelines that have proved interesting are:-


FROM: 17th January, 2007 (Tail of Comet Mc Naught crosses orbital plane;

                         Name meaning “Son of Perdition”.


TO: 8th September, 2011 speech.


= 1696 days


H1696: dabar = to arrange, but used figuratively (of words), to speak, to                                subdue.

                                    answer, appoint, bid, command, declare, speak.



And  from a personal revelation, relating to a vision, of Steel Gate of Judgement falling, which happened on September 13th, 2006 which I have posted previously on this forum.


FROM: 13th September, 2006


TO: 8th September, 2011.


= 1822/ 1823 days


H1822:  dumma = desolation, desolate, destroy.


H1823:  demut = resemblance, model, shape, like, likeness, like as.


NOTE: These 2 concepts are found in the phrase, “ the abomination that causes desolation” which we know to be an ‘ image’ or ‘likeness’, or ‘model’ of a man who the Bible describes as a beast.



The TIME and DATE of this speech are interesting in light of the day counts of these 5 timelines.


The TIME of the speech is scheduled for 7:00 PM, Washington time (19:00)

Which = 23:00 UT

And = 02:00 Israel time on September 9th.



23:00 UT World Time or 11:00 PM.


H2300: hadad = to be sharp, or (figuratively) severe:- be fierce.


(also reminds of 2300 days mentioned in Daniel Ch 8. see v.14, 23)


H1100: beliyaal = Belial, “worthlessness”, destruction, wickedness,                                evil, wicked, ungodly man.


H1900: hagut = musing, meditation. From H1897 :haga = to murmur (in                            pleasure or anger), by implication to ponder, imagine ,                          meditate, mutter, roar, sore, speak, study,talk, utter.



H200: iwwelet = from the same as H191; silliness:-folly,foolishly,foolishness


                        H191: ewil = from an unused root (meaning to be perverse)

                        (fig)  silly, fool, foolish man.



PROVERBS 10:14. “The mouth of the foolish is near destruction”


PROVERBS 14:3. “In the mouth of the foolish is a rod of pride”