ML (10 Sep 2011)
"The LORD Speaks Through Creation and His Word."


Previously I have posted the finding that the earthquake times when matched to STRONGS NUMBERS in Greek for the Church  yield a message to His people and in general to the world. Some time ago the LORD instructed me to look at the corresponding Hebrew words matching the Strongs numbers to yield a message to His people Israel. These are taken from the time of each quake

in Israel, currently UT +3hrs.


This is a sample taken from the earthquake list from September 8th, 2011.


SEPTEMBER 8th, 2011.


First EQ for day was at 00:30 UT  = 3:30 Israel time.


H330: etun = fine linen


H516: al tashet = “Thou must not destroy.”


H526: amon = skilled, training, expert.


H527: amon = a throng of people, multitude.


H727: aron = (in the sense of gathering) a box, ark, chest, coffin.


H959:baza =  to disesteem, despise, disdain,  vile person.


H1001: bira = (Aramaic) a palace.


H1031: bet hogla = “house of a partridge” Beth Hoglah.


H1104: bala = to make away with (specifically by swallowing),generally, to destroy, cover, devour, eat up, be at an end, swallow up.


H1122: Ben = “son”


H1158: ba a = a primitive root; to gush over, ie. to swell (figuratively) to desire earnestly; by implication, to ask, inquire, seek up, cause.


H1223: Bosra = Bozrah , an enclosure, sheepfold.


H1509: gezera =  a desert (as separated) ; not inhabited.


H1638: garas = to crush, to dissolve, break.


H1827: demama = quiet, calm, still.


H1830: dama = to weep, sore, weep.


H1837: danna = Dannah , “Thou hast judged” or “judgement”


>>This word only found once in the Bible: Joshua 15:49

“And Dannah, and Kirjathsannah, which is Debir.”


H7158: Kirjathsannah = “city of the book”

H1688: Debir = “sanctuary”


Therefore this word danna taken in its context yields a further and more precise message.


Thou hast judged the city of the book (and) sanctuary.”

(Joshua 15:49)


Continuing with the day’s EQs:


H1900: hagut = musing, meditation.


H2201: za’aq = a shriek or outcry, crying.


H2202: ziphron =”to be fragrant”


H2239: zeret = a span, the spread of the fingers.


(see Isaiah 40:12, “Who hath measured the waters in the hollow of his hand and meted out heaven with a span……..”


H2246: hobab = “cherished”


H2403: hatta’a = an offence, (sometimes habitual sinfulness), and its penalty, occasion, sacrifice, or expiation; also an offender:- punishment of sin, purifying, purification for               sin, sin, sinner, offering.


H2506: heleq = smoothness (of the tongue) flattery; also, an allotment, inheritance, portion, part, partake.


H2532: hemda = delight, goodly, pleasant, precious.





Just a sample of the Greek words on September 8th,


There was an EQ in the VIRGIN ISLANDS @15:37 UT.

 This is a message to the Church.


G1537: ek = ( denoting origin or the point from which motion or action proceeds) :- from, out (of place, time or cause) ; often used of completion; after, at, among, beyond, by means of, off (from) out among(from) because of, heavenly,thenceforth.


Following this quake, the next 8 quakes yield these words  (in order)


G1600: ekpetannymi = from G1537 and a form of G4072;

                    to fly out, ie. (by analogy) extend:- stretch forth.


G1901: epekteinomai = to stretch (oneself) forward upon, reach                                                forth.


G1902: ependyomai = be clothed upon, to invest upon oneself.


G1939: epithymia = a longing for, desire. From G1937; to set the heart upon.


G1946: epicoureios = Epicurean = “helper: defender”


G2103: Euboulos = Eubulous = “good willer”


G2206: zeloo = to have warmth of feeling for or against; be zealous, jealous.


G2232: hegemon = a leader, governor, prince, ruler.



Waiting with earnest expectation, longing and intensity of desire for Christ our Redeemer, Prince, & King and praying for Israel and the fulfilment of all the promises they are to inherit.


Blessings to all the Doves.