Mikki (28 Sep 2011)
"Get Ready Dream"

Hi Everyone,

I just woke up from this dream (September 27th 2011) around 7pm CDT. In the dream 2 of my friends that I have not seen in a long time came over and wanted to go out. So we set off to get dressed. I remember the first lady going through her closet and picking out a beautiful dress but our other friend exclaimed “Don’t wear that-that looks like Lady Di.” I wasn’t in the room when she said it but came in shortly after and looked at the dress. I was bummed because I had the same dress. It was laying on the bed. It had a wide brim blue hat with slivers of gold thread running through it; a white jacket with blue streaks and a blue skirt. The one who did not wear it was in the bathroom decided to wear a long dress with a jean jacket. I thought I would do the same.
My other friend was going through a rack and put on a black dress but it had red and green sequin circles on the jacket. I said, “Don’t wear that-It looks like Christmas”. So I believe she changed.

The next thing I know, I am in bed sleeping. I am just so tired physically. I wake up and wonder was that just a dream about going out/away? So I run to the front door to see if it was a dream and if they had left and no they are both waiting on the front porch. I see my husband laying on the couch sleeping. And I wonder why he didn’t wake me.  Now in real life these 2 friends are both  Prophets.

So, one of them comes back with me to help me get dressed. I see my electronic cigarette instructions on a chair and I wonder oh dear is the electronic cigarette out? And then I see it. I also see my pink top sheet with comforter thrown on the floor (which is indicative of the quickness that I got out of the bed). The room is similar to my bedroom now but was different. It seemed to have featured just the bed with a large window for a wall behind it which you could see outside into the forest and a large closet. So I am frantically looking for something to wear and one of the ladies is trying to help me. I get out a white t shirt with a yellow shirt on top and put them on in the bathroom. After putting them on there is a man in the bathroom with me. He is pointing and touching around the top of the shirt and seems to be talking about coordinates. Maybe something about picking people up in different places and things that will take place. I kind of understand but don’t understand what he is saying. I realize my yellow t shirt has a small tear in it as he is pointing out things. I look over and see my husband in the other bathroom getting ready.  End of dream

I then wake up from the dream and stare at my husband as he walks through the door. A couple of things stand out to me. I felt like the dresses were time markers. Between the royal wedding and with Christmas. But in the dream I said no don’t wear that dress it looks like Christmas-So according to that I believe it will be before Christmas. Perhaps because my friends and I chose what we usually wear-it will be a day when we do the same.
I also really feel the rapture is close and have told my family but I have said this- this year and feel like some people may think I’m a fool for saying it.  Even though I believe it is this week even tomorrow. Maybe that is why I went to sleep in the dream and lately my husband and I have been super tired from work and taking care of our family.  We shouldn’t allow this weariness to affect our looking for the Lord! And have dreams and night visions. I have had two rapture experiences and also heard a long trumpet sound before. I asked the Lord. If this is really close how come you haven’t given me a dream? Well I believe this is one.

And last night I started to freak out because I felt like my life wasn’t good enough but when I woke up this morning, I reminded myself that it is through the shed blood of Jesus Christ that I am saved-not by works. It is by Grace that I am saved. All I know from just having this dream is that we should be getting ready and not get so caught up in the worries of this world and look up for our redemption draweth nigh!