Michele Kennedy (3 Sep 2011)

Dear Doves,
My sister Teresa, after reading on the Doves about the pictures of the Sun decided to take some shots herself, and found 1 small round light hovering around the sun.
So she invited me to do the same.  The morning of September 1, 2011, in my back yard about 11:30  I took about 10 pictures, in different modes, but the one that seems to have the best and clearest result was in the 'solarize 'mode. What I caught on camera was two distinct and separate lights.  One my husband identified as Venus, and was perfectly round and black in this solarize mode.   There was ANOTHER round fuzzier looking object with a long tail.  Don't know what this is yet.
But later that day, I went for a walk, and prayed for my families salvation, and cried out in tears from my heart for them.  Then later that day, at 3 PM, I went out and took another picture of the Sun.  This time it was moved right over the southern end of my house, and the tree's are close by.  The Sun was above the house and the tree's though.  I pointed my Droid Cell Phone directly at the SUN in Solarize mode still, and clicked.  Up came a big black circle where the sun was and a huge black ray coming down.  I then took one more a minute later.
This is the very picture that  Appeared on my PHONE!!!
I am NOT a techy person and wouldn't and didn't touch this photo in any way shape of form.  It was taken on September 1, 2011, at about 3 PM.  Maybe a few minutes later, and when I saw the IMAGE, I was THRILLED!!!!!
This is the picture as it appears exactly to me on my cell phone!
"The Crowned Son of God Coming with a Sword!!!!!!!"  A SIGN OF THE LORD COMING TO JUDGE THE WORLD!!!!!!!!!!!!