Mercer (7 Sep 2011)
"The "Golden Nuggets" gleaned from Future Congress--------Some of them might stun you!!"


Hi Mercer,
Please share with us the golden nuggets you gleaned from the event !  Those guys
Tom Horn, Terry James, Randall Price, Chuck Missler, Chris Pinto, Jim Fletcher, G. Edward Griffin, Doug Woodward, Noah Hutchings, John McTernan, Doc Marquis and Mike Bennett; Gary Stearman  are among the best watchmen on the wall!!!
I will be ordering the DVDs myself.  Thanks
Carol G
Hi Carol and all,
I'll give my personal feed back. What I will share is right from the speakers own mouths
So that's what I can share.......but there was so much more but then I'd be writing for hours!!
As Gary Stearman would say.....KEEP LOOKING UP. I am. As this fall looks likely we will all soon be with Jesus!!