Matthew (2 Sep 2011)
"Peace in the Midst of Elenin Madness (Part 3)"


Like most Doves, I am enthralled with eschatology and long for the day of Jesus’ return!  I truly commend everyone for your deep faith, love for the Lord, and all of your commitment and sharing. I wholeheartedly agree that current world events demonstrate that the earth is ripe for latter day prophecy to unfold and for our glorious savior’s soon return.  However, I have a few things against a growing bandwagon.  Like many of you, Elenin fascinates and lures me.  But watch out! Numerous people are now coming into the belief that “Elenin is literally Jesus”, and “God’s cloud” coming to our rescue with chariots of fire. 


Firstly, how could this not-so-secret phenomena represent Christ’s secret coming; and how could this possibly surprise Satan and his minions who would most certainly begin an all out battle against this approaching celestial body? Hardly a “thief in the night” to the unsaved. Please do not misconstrue this as scoffing at the Word of the Lord, but instead a suggestion that we use scripture to test all things, and for correction.  2 Timothy 3:16


Many unanswered questions persist.  When challenged with the lack of being biblically accurate, the responses continue to come as novice speculations, more pagan prophecies (Mayan, Hopi, & contemporary), and  even more legitimate science.  But evolutionists also argue their beliefs by using more “science”.  Let’s have some solid biblical response and support for this whole idea that within the next month so much of the end times prophecies will have occurred; e.g. the Ezekiel 38-39 war, the desolation of Egypt, the Antichrist clearly revealed to the entire world, the two witnesses should they be more than symbolic of the church  and Israel, and all the seals and trumpet judgments made, 2/3 of God’s judgments will have been poured upon the earth!  No one has yet answered with a thorough or concise order of events, that is consistent with scripture, of what will occur over the next month.  Instead, there have been only pieces of scripture extracted to support an Elenite movement, but nothing that coincides with the complete biblical picture.


Although an exceptional and impressive presentation, there are a few inconsistencies raised by the video, “Comet Elenin Nibiru Planet X & The Day of the Lord”.  For instance, the likely true statement that occultists have long  practiced the announcing of future cataclysms that they know we are powerless against, is inconsistent with the repeated sensationalist statements that none of the mainstream media are covering the story. Although the media soon may, it still doesn’t give validity or reliability. Next, if Revelation 12:1-13 is more than a spiritual illustration of the birth of Christ(please watch The Star of Bethlehem, it is excellent) and of Satan’s attacks, and our future rapture or Israel’s time of escape during final persecution; then one must be aware that Rev. 12 directly follows the Rev. 11 accounts of the final Trumpet Judgments or “Woes”, and the Lord’s Two Witnesses appointed to prophesy 2,260 days being killed in the streets, which would entail the final  Antichrist fully operating... A lot yet to happen before mass extinction. Furthermore, remember Elenin is depicted as the “garland of stars” at the head of the constellation Virgo; while we’ve this growing belief that Elenin is Jesus… But wait a minute,  Jesus is depicted by Venus in the womb of Virgo!  


Elenin may very well be significant, and may even usher in some dramatic natural disasters, but worldwide cataclysm at this juncture is stuff of movies like “2012”, not on the biblical agenda until after the rapture and well into the tribulation, and depending on the proportions of global destruction applied, not until  after the millennial reign.


Lift up our Lord, Jesus Christ, all of you beloved saints. He is so much more unfathomable than a comet or some other celestial body, no matter how massive or exciting it may be.   After all, none of us want to become Elenites, worshipping the creature(or creation or comet) over the Creator God.  Romans 1:22-25


In Love & Prayers for an imminent Rapture.  Stay Hidden in Christ and Put on the Full Armour of God!  Eph 6:10-18