Mary Anna (9 Sep 2011)
"Invitation to the Psalms..."

- Here's the description of Invitation to the Psalms:

"The human emotions expressed in the Book of Psalms rise to peaks of joy and
descend into valleys of despair. In the Psalms, the promise of the reign of
God meets the historical experience of God's people. Faith in God's
faithfulness collides with human experiences of pain and suffering,
enslavement, oppression, and exile. God's people--given voice in the
Psalms--struggle to make sense of who God is and who they are, and in so
doing they have composed a collection of moving testimonies of grace, glory,
sorrow, and beauty unmatched in sacred literature. For students of the
Psalms today, this study offers greater understanding of how these ancient
texts of praise, lament, worship, and prayer can still speak to us and for
David Keck
Pastor, College Presbyterian Church
Chaplain, Hampden-Sydney College