M.A.P. (10 Sep 2011)
"Re: Joe Chappell"


Hello, Doves,

The letter from Joe Chappell about the rapture and the final harvest compelled me to respond.

I used to be sooooo on fire for a great final harvest of souls before the rapture.  I don't recall how I became disillusioned about that particular harvest.  But eventually I was led to believe that this harvest may occur after the church is gone, after the rapture. Not that we should give up soul-winning by any means...just that I'm not so sure we'll see any more great worldwide harvests in this lifetime..............

For one thing, in a previous letter I stirred up a bee's nest with my comments about the scripture in 2 Thessalonians regarding the "falling away" being the rapture rather than apostasy!  I still tend to believe it refers to the rapture.  But if it is apostasy, you can't have apostasy AND revival at the same time...it's a contradiction of terms!!!!  I DO see a great many churches, especially the mega-churches, who are completely turned around and backwards in their doctrine and their feel-good preaching.  I do not believe God will honor those with any great harvests or revivals.  How can He?  They are false.

But if you'll read Revelations 7 about the 144,000 sealed Jews, you'll see that in Verse 9, there is suddenly a great multitude from every nation, tribe and tongue standing before the throne of God.  I BELIEVE THESE 144,000 VIRGIN JEWS ARE THE ONES WHO ARE GOING TO BRING IN THE END-TIME HARVEST.  It appears that this group of on fire for God people are God's chosen, sealed servants, for bringing salvation to every last person left alive who can be saved. Shortly after we see these servants sealed by God, you then see the great multitude from the Tribulation hour before the throne!

I'd like to know what some of you other Doves think about this scenario?