Lynnette (29 Sep 2011)
"Everlasting Cords   By Mary Clark"


Words of encouragement to share as we have eyes turned upward in the Last Days, provided by Mary Clark, Marianna, Florida,  He speaks to those with surrendered hearts   , Lynnette
Everlasting Cords

 September 29, 2011

I draw you to Me with everlasting cords; cords formed by My love, the love that I give freely.

 Know that you are secure in Me.  I have you, holding you secure with My everlasting cords of love.  I delight in wooing you closer as I tug on these cords each day.

I never release My firm grip.  I never tire of holding these cords that are securely wrapped around your surrendered heart.

 I want you to know, dear one, that you are securely bound to Me. Whenever you stray, I want you to know that I am firmly holding those everlasting cords of love. Yes, they are firmly in My grasp and I will never let you go. That is right!  Though you tug on them, straining against My will, I am holding you safe and secure by these cords, and there is nothing that will make Me release My grasp.  No!  Nothing can entice Me to let go of the everlasting cords that I have wrapped securely around your surrendered heart.  Nothing!  No, absolutely nothing!!!