Lynn (9 Sep 2011)
"Re:  Thanks to all the Dove who helped with suggestions for my husband!"

Thank you so much, from the bottom of my heart to the following Doves:  (If I forgot anyone or missed, I'm so sorry).

Paul Wilson - I never thought much about all the seeds he has been implanted with - that that they don't die, but lie dormant.  Excellent!  My husband was "raised" by the godliest, best example of a Christian woman I have every had the privilege to know - his Grandmother.  She and his Grandfather took him to live with them after the age of 12 because his parents were drug addicts and basically abandoned their three kids.  All three were taken in by one or the other set of grandparents, living only blocks apart.  I spent the day with his Grandmother today - she is nearly 88 years old and I have never known a person in my entire life who Loves Jesus with as pure a heart as hers.  So there have to be so many seeds in my husband, not just my words.  I also printed out the document to leave. 

Michael Colunga - thank you so much for your affirmation of 1 Peter 3:1-2.  Now I have to ask for the Lord to help me be that woman.  I need to learn to shut my big mouth (I'm can talk and talk and nauseum........ugh).  My prayer for the last few weeks has been "Lord show me how to be that woman who has a gentle and quiet spirit......and win him with my conduct and not any more words".  A mystery to me.  This is the woman - his Grandmother I described above.  Oh what an lofty aspiration.  I can't do it, but I know the Lord can make me that way if I will relinquish control and keep relinquishing it.

Rene - Yes, leave the Bibles!!!  He has several with him in Afghanistan, but I have several more here at home and I will place some in various places, including in special places he already knows where things are "stashed", just in case.  Yes, there will be a famine of the Word, I agree with you.  I have downloaded the entire Bible onto an IPOD Touch and changed the titles and names of the books and letters, just in case, and when he comes home in November, if I am still here, I'll give him the entire library to put on his own IPod Touch (or he will take mine if I"m not here).  Today, his Grandmother gave me her most treasured possession - her own Family Bible from 1948.  She wants Mark to have it and she is going to write him a letter from her heart - a plea.  I looked through this Bible - such a unique Old Bible, and her handwriting is all over it - notes all over the place - her thoughts written in the margins, all kinds of things underlined.  I have never seen a Bible like this before. All kind of pictures, illustrations, special sections in the back such as I have truly never seen. She also has lots of handwritten notes, newspaper clippings, some going back to the 50's of Bible Teachings that were printed in the newspapers, all the genealogy of her family, beautiful poems she has written to the Lord from her heart.  I think when Mark receives the Bible, he will hold it and cry.  I imagine he will read all her poems and clippings first.  He will look at her notes about books and verses and what they meant to her personally.  Maybe the Holy Spirit will use this to turn his heart.  I cried with her today and read every note that was in it.  She told me she had been praying about what to do with it - she can no longer see the print as it is too small now for her eyes, and when I mentioned Mark, she started crying and said that was the answer to her prayer. Praise Jesus!!!!!  When I carried it in my hands to my car to return home, I felt like I was literally holding Jesus in my hands.  I felt almost "unclean" if you know what  I mean.  What a precious gift.

Steven Edel
- you' !!!
Great, I think I had stumbled on this a few years ago, but forgot about it.  Have you personally used it?  Excellent idea.  You can't see what is involved until you subscribe, right?  $14.95 would be a small price for that kind of help.

Stan H - I"m not much of a techie person - I'm challenged.  But I love your idea, and that you have done that for your family and friends.  I can't even hook up my DVD player to my TV and figure out how to watch my movies without the loud buzzing sound!  I'm using my laptop to watch.  Thank you Stan for that suggestion - I'm sure other Doves will do the same thing you have.

Ann  Campbell - Praise the Lord Jesus - what a tract!  I LOVE IT!  Where did you find that?  I will definitely use it.  Thank you so much!

Kim Chesson - I have seen some of Perry Stone on You Tube, but I will definitely check out those two videos to leave in a "package".  I really liked what I have seen of him.

If I forgot anyone, I'm sorry.  I love you all, and thank you for reading my "wordy" posts. Thank you for your suggestions and for your prayers.  I can't wait to meet you all in heaven.  I'm a good cook but don't cook much because it's just me here alone, but I want every Dove to come to my mansion for dinner sometime.  I don't like doing dishes much though.   Do you think we won't have to clean up anymore, will the dishes miraculously disappear and new cleans ones appear??? LOL  I'm being silly.

My Prayer Request:  A repeat of what I wrote to Michael Colunga.  I need to be that woman with the quiet and gentle spirit.  Please please Lord help me hold my tongue, stop talking so much and listen a whole lot more, and make my gentleness evident to my husband.  I know the Lord can do this for me - the question really is will I "let" Him.  Control-freak Lynn?  YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I surrender, and will have to surrender every morning when I wake up - making a conscious decision and reading this passage.