Lynn (8 Sep 2011)
"Re:  Amanda (7 Sep 2011)"

Hi Amanda,

Your post attracted my attention, especially the last part: 

p.s.  This is just something I wanted to mention but lately almost every night I fall asleep and have very demonic, scary intense, violent dreams.  I'm feeling attacked from every angle.  I usually do not get these dreams every night.  Some feel from Satan himself and some feel like warnings from the Lord. 

If you are interested, I think I can help lead you to a way to be rid of those demonic, scary intense violent dreams.  It does not sound to me that they are from the Lord.  It seems to me you are being attacked in your sleep state.  What I'm going to say is going to seem very controversial and some may want to correct me or criticize, but I can only talk from my own personal experience.

I'm a registered sleep technologist, and also a Born-Again believer who was attacked daily from 1985 for many, many years by demons, sometimes while awake, but mostly while asleep in a very light sleep stage.  A curse was placed upon me by Satanists I was working for in a counseling center (I didn't know this when I was hired).  In my medical profession, Sleep Medicine, they explain this phenomena away in medical terms as a parasomnia, or sleep paralysis or hypnogognic hallucinations.  (Personally, I reject this)   In Christian terms, it is referred to as a demonic incubus or succubus, which usually attack while asleep, causing you to feel paralyzed, not able to move or speak and terrified out of your mind by a demonic presence, and you struggle for a few minutes to even be able to say the words Jesus Help Me. It is very common, to all cultures and through the ages.  Sometimes it doesn't manifest like that, but the terrifying dreams you describe are the last part of what I experienced before I had complete deliverance.

I sought out a deliverance ministry and got help from a pastor long-distance.   He gave me some very helpful prayers and he also asked me some questions to determine what might be there.  Many Christians will argue that you cannot be possessed, but only oppressed.  I agree, however the question is "what does oppression signify and why does it happen?"  Well, I know the Holy Spirit came to reside in me when I was first born again, but subsequent sin and incomplete repentance for 27 years after that left me wide open to all kinds of demonic infestation.  I believe the Holy Spirit was always in control, but the demons can be there too.  The "attacks" stopped physically only after I was baptized in the Holy Spirit in 2009.  The scary dreams only stopped a few months ago by searching myself for any unforgiveness, unrepentance, praying to sever any generational curses in my family (I was aware of some), praying to sever the curse put on me, and praying daily affirmations of faith and renunciations for a week or two.  The enemy FLED. Every time I prayed these prayers, my faith was strengthened more and more, and the Lord helped me to start to believe the words I was saying, especially the power I have over the enemy because of my position in Jesus Christ.  There was nothing "magical" about the actual words or prayers by the way.  It's just specific kinds of prayers in faith that are specific to this problem.   Sometimes the demonic persists because they are not challenged to leave, even if they  no longer have a legal "right" to be there.   I don't want to say much more because some Doves are probably not liking what I'm writing. 

Amanda, if you want to know a bit more,  just post again and I will print out the prayers and what was given to me by this pastor.  I could not find anyone local to my area, but there are deliverance ministries that might be local to you if you search and they might be able to help you.

God Bless You and Keep you in Perfect Peace,