Lynn (8 Sep 2011)
"Jan Loots "Urgent Prayer""

Dear Jan,

I will pray for your father-in-law.  I am so sorry to hear that he does not want to liver any longer.  I can only imagine how horrific the pain must be for him to want to go now.  My Mom has a similar condition and is on strong painkillers an receives an epidural pain shot about every 3 or 4 months.  She is only 74 and not nearly as in bad condition.  She is excited about possibly experiencing the rapture.  So I understand your point and your request.

May I ask you this?  It sounds like you know he is a saved believer, for you said...."if he could just hold on".  Did I read you wrong or is he saved?  If he is saved, then we know what awaits him no matter when he goes - if he lets his spirit go now, or endures until the rapture.

If he or you are not certain of his eternal destiny, then I see the absolute need to hold on as long as possible to give him more time to turn and repent.

Dear Jan, if he is in such horrible pain, I can understand him wanting to "go" and give up.  And it must be heartbreaking for you to watch this - it sounds like you long for him to part of the "few" Christians who will be counted as in the Church of Philadelphia - what an honor, eh?  And thinking of all those who have gone on before us for two thousand years and have longed to be here in this time and this day - to be part of his generation! 

Then here is a very sensitive question and please take no offense with this because none is intended.  Who is it that wants him to "hold on"?  Is it you, or is it your father-in-law?  Jan, we do not know for certain that the rapture will occur this month.  We are hoping and praying and watching......but still, we do not know for sure.  Might it possibly be an act of compassion on your family's part to give him your blessing to go?  Do you think it is possible that he "knows" it is just his time?  I am in the medical field, and I have seen this many times - sometimes people just know - maybe the Father whispers to them, I don't know.

Please write back with a little more information - your father-in-law's name and where he stands with the Lord.  I would like to pray for your family and for him not just one time, but regularly if I might.

Hang in there Jan, and tell your father-in-law that we are praying for his pain.  And I am praying for you, dear sister, because I know your heart is breaking.