Lynn (6 Sep 2011)
"RE: Douglas Henney "Words to affirm/encourage""

Dear Douglas,

I have been a lurker and have posted half a dozen times here on FiveDoves, and I want to thank you for your words of affirmation and encouragement. I felt that your letter was written for me (among other too), but what you put so eloquently has been the burden on my heart for some time now.  I remember posting a while ago and asking your question.  I might have worded it differently, but what was going on in my mind, spirit and heart was that the Word of God (it alone, complete, with every answer to my any and every question and concern) was not enough.  I received no answers.  I now know this was lie from the pit of Hell.  The Word of God is Jesus, and it contains everything I need......EVERYTHING.

As I had posted on FiveDoves before, it was hard for me not to fall into the sin of envy or covetousness because many of the
FiveDovers are blessed with the "extras" as I do not experience dreams, visions, words of knowledge or any kind of extra affirmations.  So I struggled with the notion of what is wrong with me, why are you "silent" with me Lord, is there any unconfessed sin I need to be aware of, am I even truly saved, is my garment not spotless, etc. etc. 

You said:
I think over the years of watching, there have been times and seasons where some of the energy of my watching was a unconscious attempt on my part to walk by sight instead of by faith.  I kept looking for a kind of proof in events and circumstances, and even the dreams and visions of others, that I could then stand upon with confidence.  In other words, what God had revealed in the scriptures was not enough for me.

You also said:
Now it is up to Abba Father if or when He will provide a particular believer with some kind of "sense experience" so as to support them in a given circumstance.  So I do not automatically negate the experience of some who have dreamed dreams or seen visions.  However, from my limited vantage point, these are very much the exception to the rule and are more often than not simply the result of the person's own mind, not the Spirit of God.

This is exactly how I felt Douglas. And what has been revealed to me through the Word is that the Word IS ENOUGH for me.  In fact, it is my EVERYTHING and I can stand on it in complete faith without sight.  Walking by faith (just faith!) and not by sight (no dreams, visions, miracles, prophecies, etc.) is very difficult to do.  So I had to confess my sin to the Lord of "why them and not me?"  To the FiveDovers out there who are blessed by the Lord to have these extras, all I can say is THANK YOU JESUS on your behalf.  You are truly blessed in a certain way, just as other believers are blessed in other ways, as the Father sees fit.  I agree with you Douglas that this is the exception, not the rule.  It just so happens that this site happens to have a lot of people following and contributing that do receive these "extras" from the Lord. 

Doug, you letter was so eloquent and written in a way much better than I could write.  But it was such an encouragement to me.  There is nothing wrong with me.  I stand complete in Jesus, the King's beloved daughter and co-heir with Jesus Christ.  I feel I have been a blind woman reading from a Braille Bible out in the Mojave Desert for the last 31 or so years.  What it came down to for me was this:  Do I really, truly believe that God's promises to me from His word are true, meant for me and enough?  The answer HAS to be YES YES and YES Amen!  I was given only one vision of the Rapture in 1996, and a Acts 2 "literal loud wind" blowing through my house and over me for about 2 minutes when I was baptized in the Holy Spirit, and one time I literally "felt" God hold me or embrace my entire body, enveloping me from head to toe, an exquisite feeling I can't even describe.  Oh how I long to feel that again.  But these three things were the only three I have had, and I am grateful!   Even if I never receive any other kind of "sense" experience, the faith He has given me to believe is more than enough.  Actually, I should say this:  even if I had not experienced any of those three things, His Word is enough.  Think of it this way --- what is you have never received any kind of "extra sensory" experience in your entire life?  I might be inclined to think there may be some kind of extra reward or jewel for your crown when you get to the Bema Seat - just throwing that one out there, I don't know.

So if there are newbies to this site, please resist the same temptation in thinking "what is wrong with me or my walk or my faith" that the Lord doesn't show me things this way?  If you are truly saved by grace through faith in Jesus, you have had complete repentance, and you seek to be filled with God's Holy Spirit and desire Him above all things daily, you are just fine and in perfect alignment with the Father.  It is Abba Father's choice whom he pours out these dreams and visions to, and only He knows the reasons for it.

I am very much encouraged by this site and thank you everyone for all your contributions, and thank you John Tng for faithfully keeping this site going and all the work that entails.  I would also like to discourage any kind of "godly" bickering in some of the fine details that many of us are never going to agree on.  I think we can all agree we are very close to a rapture, but I must confess I get a bit tired of the back and forth and back and forth on some of the minute detail that isn't really going to matter anyway.  It's kind of like having to have the last word and prove you were the "right" one.  Essentials are important, absolutely, but proving  your point - why not take a day and pray over it and ask if is is profitable before posting?  Would could it hurt?  Now if someone is posting something that is obviously a gross error, yes, that needs to be addressed immediately, correctly, and ALWAYS in love.

Because He First Loved Me!