Lynn (23 Sep 2011)
"To Robin"

Dear Robin,

Your postings before John went away on vacation pierced me and you are dead-on correct.  Please please please keep speaking the truth that you are being shown.

You have borne a revival in my heart that only the Lord could bring about - and he used YOU to say the words.

I have not truly 'counted the cost' fully realizing that if I am serious about the cross of Christ, that I must be willing to lay down my life.  I was shocked by the notion that I had not every really fully considered the cost and the terrible price - yes Jesus paid that price FOR us, but picking up my cross and actually carrying what he requires of me to bear (yes, easy load, light yoke)..........hmmmmmmm  Yes, and what about the 70-80% of confessing Christians in other parts of the world laying down their lives......with gladness, and willingly.  Big wake up call.

What scared me was that I couldn't answer that question.  Would I walk 3 miles?  Would I walk 3 days?  Just after Sept 10 (last day of posting) missionary Frank Drown spoke at my church.  Look him up on Wikipedia - Through the Gates of Splendor and End of the Spear, et al.......3 miles turned into 100 miles, 20 miles a day for 5 days on a jungle path no wider than 2 1/2 feet and 67" high and in the Jungles of Ecuador.  He and his wife counted the cost and served 38 years.  I wept like I never wept.  I have missed the mark so badly.   It was a true wake-up call.  I am truly willing to give every up, if required, by Jesus to follow him, job, life, husband, marriage, doesn't matter.  It is required.  Jesus said it.  He does not lie and he speaks truth and what he says I know I had better pay attention to.

The answer is yes, and I do not say these words LIGHTLY, not at all.

I have been convicted of many things.

Thank you Robin - be obedient to whatever the Lord has you to speak.  He used you greatly.