Lynn (10 Sep 2011)
"To Robin......again"


I just re-read your clarification post.  When I got to the part about the hunger for the Word these dear believers have - and walking three hours to hear it (I have read this and heard this before)........I was cut to the quick, mowed down.  Goose bumps from head to toe came over me I closed my eyes in shame.  No, I am not boasting, please, do not think I'm saying that.  I am an appendix or gallbladder of the body.

I just thought of whether I would walk three hours with no shoes on my feet just to hear the Word.  To be completely honest, I cannot say I know the answer to that.  We/I have never been tested that severely.  I am completely ashamed of America. Oh God help us!!!!  I get in my nice car, fill up my gas tank, choose one of about 8 Bibles I have and drive the Interstate to church.

Robin, dear sister, keep speaking these things.  Thank you.  Oh God Help Us, forgive us for our laziness.  I will stop here.  Selah.