Lynn (10 Sep 2011)
"RE:  Jan Loots (9 Sep 2011)  AND TO ALL DOVES - I AM SORRY"

Dear Jan,

Thank you my brother for your ever so gentle correction and patience with me.  I only felt compassion and empathy when I read your post.  I meant no judgement, nothing bad at all.  I realize now I rebuked you, not exhorted you.

Thank you also for the extra information of Mr. David Lubbe!  It would be an honor to remember him in prayer as often as the Spirit helps me remember daily.  I am pretty sure I can say that on behalf of so many Doves too.  I am so very happy to hear he is a strong believer.   I also pray for the Lord's perfect will to be done.

Mr. Loots, please forgive any arrogance I might have inserted in my letter unknowingly to you - it was nothing intentional.  I believe my gifts are exhortation and prayer, but I still have my training wheels on my bicycle.   The Lord rebuked me, it was not your response to me... I have been shown a very deep root of Pride/arrogance inside me and it is painful to have it yanked out by the root. 

This also stands as an apology to any other Dove I have posted to, perhaps coming across as a know-it-all, like I have the ultimate answer or something.... uggh.  Please, everyone forgive me for this.  The Lord is patient
and gentle and in asking the Lord to search my heart in examination of whether I have been pleasing to Him, He showed me this root this morning and I was rebuked and immediately grieved and confessed and it was removed.  It was there a long, long time!  It was grievous to me, very ugly, and it was so deeply embedded, I was not even aware of it, but perhaps some of you saw it and knew.  It was brought to my attention by something happening with me here in my everyday life.  Please Doves, CALL ME OUT ON IT, OR ON ANYTHING ELSE, in love of course.  I am teachable, open to correction, and WELCOME IT. (Sorry this paragraph is about me and not in direct relation to Mr. Lubbe & Jan - just so as not to make a separate post).

Please, Jan and David and family, come to my mansion for dinner sometime?
David's pain will be all gone and he will be jumping around in joy - maybe some messianic dancing, huh?

With Love in Jesus Christ, Yeshua,

P.S.  I hope he hangs in there to get to the Rapture too!  Who wouldn't want to experience that?????????  Dear Jesus/Yeshua, ease his pain and comfort him in perfect peace.