Luis Vega (5 Sep 2011)
"Dissection of a Lunar Tetrad"


Dissection of a Lunar Tetrad
2014-2015 Eclipse Pattern Detailed Analysis

© Graphics & Composition by:
Luis B. Vega

“Immediately following the distress of those DAYS, ‘the SUN will be darkened, & the MOON will not give its light (turn to blood); the STARS will fall from the sky, & the Heavenly Bodies will be shaken.’” -Gospel of Matthew 24:29 & Acts 2:20/Revelation 6:12

In the years 2014-2015, a phenomenon will occur during this time-frame in our modern history that could herald a ‘prophetic event’ in the ‘prophetic clock ‘of God -The LORD GOD Creator of the Heavens & Earth (
יהוה) GOD of Israel. In the Heavens, there will be a ‘witness’ -a unique consecutive 4 Total Lunar Eclipse sequence or Tetrad spanning 1.5 years. This event has not occurred since the end of World War 2 (1949/50) & the Arab-Israeli 6-Day War (1967/68). It is the 8th since Christ & will not repeat until well into the distant future-if time is constant & continuing. What is significant is that each Tetrad period is marked precisely by the Jewish First & Last Feasts of GOD - Passover & Sukkot. During each Tetrad, it has been a time of great travail for the nation of Israel, a time marred by war, death & or life/rebirth, struggle.

The purpose of this study is to focus & amplify this time segment for a better understanding & to see its unique properties & patterns in light of Biblical Astronomy. The 4 total Lunar Blood Moons are paired up -accompanied by their immediate & complementary
Solar Eclipse. The March 20, 2015 Total Solar Eclipse in particular seems to accent & highlight the sequence & could signal a very significant time-marker. It is the only Total Solar Eclipse in the solar series & happens to fall precisely on the Spring Equinox; it is either to mark an ‘end’ or a ‘beginning’ of a moment in time that could have prophetic significance of Biblical proportions. The Jewish Civil Year is superimposed below the modern time-line as are the Equinoxes with the day-spans between each type of Eclipse & between the Moon & Sun Eclipses. 

1- There are 3 Partial & 1 Total Solar Eclipses that accompany the 4 Blood Tetrads exactly by a difference of 15 days; symmetrically mirrored to each other by 177 & 148 days for the Solars, 177 & 179 for the Lunars –the 1st 2 Solars are after Blood Moons, the last 2 are before.
2- The Blood Moons occur near the Spring & Autumnal Equinoxes & the half way mark in terms of ‘time’ for the Tetrad sequence is on Dec/Jan 2014-2015. The last Solar Eclipse which is a Partial occurs exactly on Rosh HaShana, September 13, 2015 & then 15 days later is Sukkot.
3- The 3rd Lunar Eclipse of the Tetrad of April 4, 2015 would mark the half way point (3.5 Years ) if Yom Kippur October 8, 2011 is a starting point. The Total Solar Eclipse of March 20, 2014 would mark the half way point; 1260 Days from Rosh HaShanah September 26, 2011.

Significance of the Spring Equinox (mid point of the 23.5º arc)
By definition, every year on March 20-21 the Vernal Equinox  happens- meaning “spring’s equal night.” It is when the Sun is above the horizon for 12 hours everywhere on Earth. It is because the Earth’s ‘tilting’ is halfway (
0.0°) between the Longest Night -Winter Solstice & the Longest Day -at the Summer Solstice. The northern limit is at the Tropic of Capricorn (23.5°) north & the southern limit is at the Tropic of Cancer (-23.5°) south.

Thus this ‘center-point’ of the total 56° Arc of 0.0°, in other words, is the marker when the Earth is at a place in its orbit where it ‘tilts’ neither toward nor away from the Sun but is rotating ‘straight forward.’ The Earth never goes beyond those north or south points during its rotation around the Sun. IF this is the ‘
frequency’, then we can deduce from the pattern that as the Earth has this rhythmic ‘dance’ as it goes up and down, oscillating (as in a sign wave) orbiting around the Sun; it results in not only the change in seasons, but interestingly, it also produces a truncated ‘Star of David’ pattern! This precise pattern of arc degrees, 23.5° & 56° is also incorporated in astrological monuments around the world such as Stonehenge & it is the angle to which the Great Pyramid can determine the circumference of the Earth!

Jesus Christ stated that when His Return would be at hand, the Moon would turn Red as ‘blood’ & the Sun would turn Black as ‘sackcloth.’ These celestial markers would then be part of the significant signs to the forthcoming End of Days & related to Christ’s pending Final Judgment & the consummation of the end of this present Evil Age. The Tetrad sequence then is yet but another of God’s signatures & time pieces for us Believers & Watchers of the Rapture of the Church & the 2nd Coming of Christ to know the times at hand as it could herald Jesus Christ’s forthcoming return soon thereafter. We need to be like the ’men’ of Issachar in the Old Testament ‘who understood the times & knew what Israel should do.” -1 Chronicles 12:32

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